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Pregnancy Related Injuries Affecting the Babies: It’s Solution

Welcoming a newborn to the family is always an amazing experience for the whole family. With a single medical error, this pleasurable feeling can become a daunting experience for many. At the time of pregnancy, the expecting mums greatly depend on their doctors and midwives. When they end up committing mistakes, it cannot be pardoned at all. Pregnancy related injuries could occur due to both negligence of the patients and the medical professionals. Thankfully, the majority of the births and pregnancies have been successful, only a few unfortunate ones receive injuries. When something goes wrong in the case, it can have severe effects on the victims. She can endure complications such as, Uterine Rupture, Maternal Diabetes, Placental Abruption and Pre Eclampsia. The mommy’s can also suffer from severe complications during the delivery or labour. This includes,

  • Forceps delivery
  • Episiotomy
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy

The worst thing about pregnancy injuries is that not only does the mum suffers the baby also endures pains equally. Birth injuries caused to the babies can devastate their lives completely. Well, it is the duty of the medical professionals to see that standard care is provided to both the mums and the newborn. Medical professionals like midwives, consultants, nurses and obstetrics should be there to oversee the mother throughout the labour or delivery. They are expected to monitor and supervise the health conditions appropriately, so that none of the diseases can affect them.

The labour can be very difficult for both the mum and the baby if excessive pressure is given to the babies head and neck, thereby causing Erb’s Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is another condition that can also affect the babies. It is found that almost 10% of the babies suffer from such health conditions due to medical negligence. It generally takes place due to inadequate supply of oxygen, thereby causing traumatic birth. The majority of the injuries that are suffered by the babies occur due to the injuries endured by the mothers. To know more about the several types of injuries, you can visit

Apart from this, the mothers can also suffer from terrible consequences after delivery or labour due to ignorance of the healthcare providers. The commonest amongst them is inappropriate stitching after episiotomy. Vaginal tear is another injury that can give a lot of pains to the victim, if not dealt properly. If you have suffered from a difficult pregnancy before and after delivery due to medical negligence and if that has harmed your baby as well, you have the eligibility to claim compensation. If the avoidable injuries have occurred in the last three years, mainly because of the actions of the medical professionals, then they are liable for the consequences. Claiming compensation involves an elaborate legal procedure, thus, it becomes to appoint someone who is well acquainted with the laws of each country and state. Well, there are innumerable medical negligence solicitors in the UK, who can help you win fair amount of compensation easily. All you need to make sure is your case history is not exaggerated when discussing it with them. You can contact the specialist pregnancy related injuries claim solicitors at

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Birth Injury Can Trigger Medical Negligence Claims

The birth of a child brings great elation, celebration and excitement to the parents and the family members. All people in the family wait from the blessed time when the baby would see the first rays of the sun. Sometimes, unfortunately things go wrong often resulting in devastating outcomes. In most cases, it the negligent act of the obstetrics or nurses present during the delivery that contributes to serious birth injury to either the mother or the child. If you are subjected to any such case, you can talk to a medical negligence solicitor and file birth injury claims.

Birth related complications often come under the category of obstetrics. The doctor’s negligence can lead to a number of problems like:

  • Anesthetic problems like issues associated with epidurals
  • Brain damage
  • Congenital hip dysplasia
  • Brachial Plexus injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy and birth asphyxia
  • Harm to the baby due to mishandled labor or delivery
  • Wrongly sutured episiotomy
  • Nerve damage
  • Neonatal death
  • Shoulder dystocia

The aforementioned problems can be the unfortunate consequence of the doctor’s failure to determine fetus’ abnormalities, inability to detect and treat an ectopic pregnancy and inability to identify the degree of vaginal tear.

The National Health Service (NHS) boasts of some of the best obstetricians under its administration. In most cases, these specialist doctors are successful in the delivery procedure. However, in certain instances, they make mistakes for which the newborn and his parents have to pay a big price.

The clinical negligence solicitors can come to rescue the baby and his parents whose lives are affected due to the birth injury caused by the doctor’s negligence. They can provide the right advice required for determining if the case has the potential to win the birth injury claims. They will be able to provide their clients with the best guidance about the next step after the filing of the case.

Every claimant has their own individual reasons for making a clinical negligence claim. For example, you may want justice or wish to draw the healthcare provider’s attention to the treatment you received in the hope it will not be repeated. However, the main reason to make a claim is to obtain compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

No amount of compensation can help the baby and his family forget the sufferings caused to them by the doctors’ inabilities and negligence. However, the money acquired as compensation can help the parents recover their financial losses and treat the health problems caused by the birth injury. There are many parents who file birth injury cases to catch the medical practitioner’s eye to the treatment and teach him a lesson so that he does not neglect his patients any more. You can visit to get assistance from expert solicitors who could help you in such process.

If you want to pursue birth injury claims, you can visit here.

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Know about Dental Negligence how to file Dental Negligence Claim

Visiting a dentist is never a cup of tea for anyone because it is first of all a great task trying to book appointments, and it is overall a scary experience. However there is nothing a patient can do when ailing from dental issues but visit the dentist. Dental negligence claims though have picked up a great deal in the UK causing many to be more afraid of the whole dental procedure. It can cause a great deal of pain and suffering when a dental procedure goes wrong.

Dental negligence:

Dentists are medical professionals who many a time fall short of their standards of treatment thereby causing injury to patients, all because of lack of proper caution. This is essentially what dental negligence is all about. It is the duty of all dental practitioners to make sure that every patient that they have is treated with the best care they can offer.

How dental negligence occurs:

Through carelessness, incompetence, lack of focus and complacency, dental negligence manifests itself in quite a number of ways.

  • Reaction to pain killers: It is the job of dentists to make sure that they ask their patients for past medical records before administering any form of medication to them. Some of the patients get adverse reactions from pain killers and this makes things much worse than instead of better.
  • Extraction for wrong teeth: This is another way that dentists prove how careless they can be. Some patients have been suffering for very long all out of dentists taking out the teeth that shouldn’t be removed.
  • Poor hygiene causing infections: The dentist’s room should be more than sterile. This doesn’t seem to be the case though because there are so many patients complaining of getting infections from equipment that dentists have used on them. All equipment that comes to contact with the interior of the human body should always be clean.

Other ways that dentists go wrong in their profession is when they delay referrals even after diagnosing really serious conditions, fitting dentures very poorly, and failure to confirm allergies causing further complications.

Filing claims

Whenever patients have gone through any of the above forms of negligence in the hands of their dentists, it is advisable to file claims because there is no other way to find justice for the pain caused. When one files claims, there are solicitors who have versed knowledge on medical negligence law. With this anyone can be assured of 100% compensation. Solicitors are experts at this and know exactly what they are doing. They will certainly give the best advice and even represent a victim in court. They surely come in handy.

It is important to file a claim against the dentist that has caused pain and suffering because this way one will expose all the carelessness behind the dental curtain under the light. Suffering in silence can cause greater damage for many. can be proven to be the helpful choice if you are looking for assistance. Log on to to know more about dental negligence claims.


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